Eichenwalde Map Preview

Map | Eichenwalde Map Preview | Youtube

This video shows multiple action shots on the new Overwatch…

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Game Meta | Overwatch Bastion, Mei | Unexpected Bastion

Bastion, Mei | Unexpected Bastion | YouTube

Playing Attack on Hanamura, the video shows a new Mei…

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Overwatch | Mei #Sorry! | Youtube

Mei | Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! | YouTube

Playing on Voklskaya Industries and Watchpoint: Gibraltar, the video shows…

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Overwatch | Roadhog Overpowered?

Roadhog | A Great Start | Youtube

Playing on Route 66 a great start is shown. Roadhog…

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Reinhardt | New Skin

Reinhardt | New Skin Announced

To go with the new map Eichenwalde, Blizz have also…

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Blizzard Overwatch | Eichenwalde Map Preview

New Map | Eichenwalde Map Preview

Recently Blizz released a video preview of their new map…

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The Last Bastion

Animated Short | “The Last Bastion”

You can now see the story of how Bastion arrived…

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