Rumour | Control Point maps are actually very balanced

Today on the Overwatch US forums Overwatch’s Game Director Jeff Kaplan has responded to an angry user, who was arguing that Control Point maps were highly unbalanced. The original post reads:

All the control point maps are unbalanced. Temple of Anubis, Hanamura, and Volskaya are all HEAVILY defense dominant, especially on the second point. The King of the Hill maps aren’t much better. Honestly, the only maps that are pretty well-balanced are payload and payload-control point hybrids.

– LogicOwl – Forums

To this Jeff responded with some pretty interesting statistics which show an overall balance on the maps:

Here are the stats from the Assault maps over the last 7 days:

Temple of Anubis: Attack 49.8%, Defense 50.2%
Hanamura: Attack 48.2%, Defense 51.8%
Volskaya: Attack 52.1%, Defense 47.9%

– Jeff KaplanĀ – Forums (

This is very interesting data indeed, as it truly shows the length that Blizzard have gone into making the maps balanced. Honestly, the maps are balanced, though some maps are balanced towards specific characters or play types this definitely shows it is best to swap up your characters to meet the maps current meta.

Remember, one of the key points of Overwatch is the ability to switch during a game and often to counter enemy team metas, use it to your advantage!

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