Rumour | Players worried about Eichenwalde Imbalance

Players on the Blizzard US Forums are worried about possible balance issues regarding the new Map Eichenwalde which is currently being tested on the PTR, and is set to be released soon. Though players are worried, Jeff Kaplan, Blizzards Game Director for Overwatch has stepped in to ensure players kept in the loop with current developments.

Originally Posted by Jeff Kaplan (Official Post)
We’ll keep an eye on the map balance and make changes as necessary. Whenever we added a new map in Beta or Alpha, players struggled on attack. We want to let the dust settle a little bit before making major changes. We won’t leave a map unbalanced for a long time if we detect a real problem. But with the newness of the map, we want to be cautious about reacting too quickly based on previous experience.

He then went on to let people know that they have lots of small tweaks and fixes up their sleeve which they can quickly implement to ensure fair play on the map.

Originally Posted by Jeff Kaplan (Official Post)
Rest assured, we are very closely monitoring Eichenwalde on the PTR and we’ll continue to do so when it’s live. We have a lot of small tuning tweaks we can do to skew balance as well as ideas for how to change the level design if necessary. But we just want to give the community a little time to figure the map out before doing anything too drastic.

Really though, the PTR is great for Game Breaking bugs, however, we won’t really get a proper look on how the map will play until the bulk of the players play the map when it goes live instead of the small PTR community.

For now, you can check out some Screen Shots of the new map below.


Principal Level Designer Dave AdamsĀ has added to the conversation, and has updated the Spawn Points in the Clock Shop Room to take off a second to the runback time to try and improve the balance of the map.

Originally Posted by Dave Adams (Official Post)
Just as an FYI, I just did some rechecks on the run times from the spawn rooms and they all match up pretty well with those on King’s Row. All within a second or so. I did, however, move up the points in the clock shop to take off a second to the runback. It will be in soon.

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