Unexpected Bastion | Meta Play

Meta | Unexpected Bastion

Meta Name: Unexpected Bastion

Map: Hanamura

Required Players: 2

Side: Attack

Required Characters: Bastion, Mei


This play is a great way to gain the upper hand on the enemy team during the final stage of the Attack on Hanamura, and is particularly great against tank hungry teams with lots of armour.

One of the greatest problems with this play, is that it requires synergy between the Mei and Bastion player, and will only work once. Once the enemy team figures out your play they will begin to counter you, meaning the play will work only once or twice, and its part gift and curse, as the enemy team will begin to focus you giving your team chance to break through on alternate flanks.

The main reason this play works so well, is that the enemy does not expect an attack from the flank by a Bastion Player, as they typically cannot reach this area without first taking the Right Flank exposing their position to the enemy team. The High Damage output of Bastion, with the high protection and slowing ability of Mei is a potent combination.

The main job for each player are thus:

  • Mei
    Mei’s role in this play is two part, first she must use her ice wall to allow the Bastion player to cross the gap on the left flank, as this is the shortest gap and is typically only accessible to characters with jumps or teleports like Genji, Reaper and Phara. Once across the gap the players job is to then protect the Bastion, sticking close enough to interrupt attacks which would kill the Bastion player such as Reinhardt’s charge, or Soldier 76′ Ultimate.
  • Bastion
    Bastion’s role in this is simple, high DPS output. Being able to aim, knowing when to reload, and when to Ultimate is key here. Completing this attack successfully can almost guarantee a full charge of your Ultimate, allowing you to carry on the DPS even if you are about to run low on health.

For a quick overview of the play, it is best to watch the video below to fully understand the play and what should be done. The video is from the Bastion Player’s POV, and shows a successful Win from the attack.

Setting up the Play

To start the play the Mei must use her wall to cross the gap on the left portion of the map. The trick to this, is to use the wall to raise both the Bastion and the Mei player on the wall, giving them enough height to make the jump across the gap. The best way to do this is to have the Bastion player stand as far forward as possible on the edge of the ledge, then standing directly behind him and raising the wall. Once the wall has raised, quickly run across and jump down.

Next, temporarily hold position until the wall cool down has reset, this will be used to protect the Bastion should you be charged by a Reinhardt or Soldier Player.

Next, move to the left hand door and prepare to open fire.

Executing the Play

At this point, Bastion’s job is to lay down as much fire as possible, while Mei’s job is to block tanks with her wall, and slow down close range fast movers and prevent them from reaching Bastion.

Target priority for the bastion player should be thus:

  1. Mercy, Lucio, Zenyatta , Zarya and Ana Players
    This is to prevent healing, and will certainly light a fire under the enemy team, these are also the squishy players. Zarya has also made this list due to her bubble, do enough damage to her to trigger the bubble, then ignore her until her bubble disappears and she becomes squishy once more.
  2. High DPS Characters
    At this point, it is now best to take down any High DPS and Mobile Characters. This should include any fast movers, but not particulaly any Sniper class players, as these typically sit on the top levels or towards the back, and will not typically have Line of Sight on the Bastion. Should they do it would be wise to kill them first as they can cause high damage to a stationary target.
  3. Tanks
    Tanks will typically be blocked by by Mei, but should they become a nuisance then they should be easily countered. Reinhardt’s shield can be mulched through quickly with enough rounds and is quickly dealt with, Roadhog quickly dies with a high amount of Headshots (and he has a huge head), and D.Va can be easily countered by Mei to prevent her blocking bullets.

Characters to watch out for

  • Genji
    Genji can block bullets and has a high damage output. Mei should quickly move to freeze him and prevent him from ganking Bastion at close range.
  • Road hog
    Roadhog’s chain can be a problem for Bastion, so try counter him with a wall. If he can be killed quickly the try pick him off first, but otherwise keep him frozen and distracted with Mei. Good news, is that Bastion cannot be pushed by his Ulti, and Mei’s wall can be used to prevent high damage.
  • D.Va
    D.Va’s ultimate is bad news for everyone, but can be blocked by Mei’s wall. Best bet however is to try and aim to use the play in-between her Ultimate if the enemy team has one as part of their composition.
  • Tracer
    Tracer’s ultimate is super bad news for Bastion, and will instant kill him. Try best to keep her at arms length, and use in-between her Ultimates. This should not really be a problem, as she is not really used during defence games.

Final Words

Overall, this is a powerful play when done right. The only downfall is that it is not particularly repeatable, but can give you a good edge on the enemy team. This play will force them to switch to counter, should they  be too worried it will happen again, giving you a temporary advantage as you move to counter them.

Let us know how you get on with the play in the comments, and drop us a Tweet if you enjoyed this Meta!

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